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Air conditioning installation near me requires expertise and experience. You cannot do it yourself. A lot can go wrong with AC installation Phoenix AZ. Without a proper plan and an experienced contractor. You may end up paying higher monthly energy bills. Fortunately, if it’s already Summer and you are considering replacing or buying a new AC, you are at the right place. 

Who Are We?

GE Home Services is a specialist in HVAC services & has been helping our customers for 35 years. We put our customer’s comfort first & offer affordable heating & cooling service, including AC installation Phoenix AZ. We cater to all types of heating and cooling systems.

You won’t be disappointed if you hire us. Our AC installations services are reliable & available in Tempe, AZ, Scottsdale, Gilbert, and the surrounding areas. With diligent, honest work, we’ve become one of the top choices among locals for AC installation Phoenix AZ.

Our motto is simple – Replace only when necessary

The motto ensures the customer that no technician, contractor, or apprentice will recommend AC replacement Phoenix and Tempe, AZ, until they are 100% sure the unit cannot be fixed. Then, we can help you save money on your HVAC unit!

Our AC Installation Service Only Takes A Few Hours

Yes! You don’t have to wait even a full day as our team will do their installation work at lightning speed. Viola! The air conditioning installation near me is all finished! Check out the basic steps that our techs follow: 

  • Selecting, checking ductwork, and placing both indoor & outdoor unit
  • Connecting the copper piping and attaching power Cable between Indoor & Outdoor Units
  • Double-checking everything to prevent leakage
  • Final check by turning on the AC unit

Our Services

Other than AC installation Tempe AZ, we provide various other HVAC services. Some of them are:

We provide installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair services for all types of HVAC units. These services are available for all types of buildings and individual homes.

Why Are We The Best AC Installation Experts?

For various reasons, GE Home Services has become a top choice for AC Installation Phoenix AZ. Some of these are as follows – 

  • Customer-Focused Approach

The happiness of our customers matters to us. So, we aren’t focused on the payment but on your convenience. We aim to please all our customers.

For this reason, all installations, replacements, and repairs go through stringent checks before we hand the unit to you. If you find any problem in your unit, you can always contact us for more detailed help! We are ready to help you out!

  • Years of Experience

Experience is always essential in every service, and HVAC service is no different. We are proud that we have many happy customers & that our work speaks more than words.

Whether you live in a residential building, a commercial building, or a multi-family rural home, GE Home Services LLC has experience in providing HVAC repairs for each of them. 

  • Professional Services

We use the latest equipment and suggest customers buy new energy-efficient AC models. So, if you are confused about which AC will be best for your home, our experts can guide you perfectly. 

  • Affordable Costing

Installation of an AC is a difficult task & so it is more expensive than a minor AC repair Phoenix AZ. However, we offer the best pricing packages for our customers to help focus on their comfort rather than the payment.

  • Expert and Skilled Technicians

Our team goes through rigorous training to provide an excellent Air conditioning installation near me and AC installation Tempe AZ service. Our professional technicians are supportive, very responsive, assuring, and reliable. Plus, our technicians are friendly and helpful too. 

Go Easy On Your Pocket With Us!

Buying a new AC plus the installation charge is costly & stressful if you weren’t planning it for a long time. However, replacement may be your only option if your old cooling system broke down unexpectedly in summer. 

Don’t worry! We’ve got your back. We have the best financing options at GE Home Services LLC!

If you are excited to hire our professionals and save money on AC installation Phoenix AZ, call us at 480-376-0755. You can also email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I Need to Know Before Installing an Air Conditioner?

  • Quality: it is one of the most critical factors. To determine the most appropriate option, you should focus on the specifications of the AC.
  • Energy consumption: An energy-efficient AC should be purchased to minimize the electricity bill. The energy-efficient rating, a.k.a. EER rating, must be checked to identify a cost-effective solution. The rating ranges from 8 to 11.5. The higher the rating is, the more energy-efficient the system.

What Is Included In AC Installation?

  • Product demonstration
  • Checking the machine performance
  • Laying the drain pipe for water and connecting with the indoor unit.

GE Home Services is the right choice when looking online for air conditioning service near me. Call us today!

How Do I Know What Size Air Conditioning Unit My House Needs?

Multiply the room’s length with its width, followed by multiplying it by 25 BTU to get ample cooling for the room under different weather conditions.

For example, if the room is 16 ft long and 18 width, it comes to 288 sq ft. Now multiplying 288 by 25 BTU per square foot will get 7200 BTU, the minimum cooling capacity of the air conditioner one should buy.

What Could Possibly Happen If AC Is Not Installed Correctly?

If the AC is not installed correctly, it will lead to several problems. Leaky ducts and low airflow are some problems.

What Should I Check After AC Installation?

It should be made sure that there are fewer bands and no leakage. The copper pipes should also have a good form of insulation.

Can You Install AC in Winter?

Yes, AC can be installed in winter. But we recommend purchasing the unit in the fall for better offers and discounts—Schedule GE Home Services for air conditioning service Phoenix.

When Should I Install my AC?

The best time to install the AC is fall or spring.