What are the Other Types of HVAC Systems?

Like any other home appliances, HVAC systems are significant machines that make our lives easy and convenient. It gives us warmth during winters and cool air during hot days. However, there is a large variety of HVAC systems available. 

To know which AC unit is suitable for your house, you should know about the different types of HVAC units. At GE Home Services LLC, we offer you one of the best air conditioning repair in Tempe, AZ.

Here are Some of the Kinds of HVAC Systems:


Heating and Air Conditioning Split System.

A split system HVAC system is the most common AC unit in the market. It consists of an outdoor AC unit with a compressor and condenser. An AC like this also has an indoor unit with a blower and an evaporator coil. 

Moreover, you can mount a split HVAC system on your walls or the corner of your house ceilings. Since they have a high-efficiency rate, these systems are always in demand. In addition, these HVAC systems do not have a condenser unit in the indoor unit and hence are quieter compared to other models. 

Functions they are equipped with: 

  • Heating and cooling
  • Air purifying
  • Dehumidifying 

Despite being extremely popular, split AC systems have their own set of disadvantages. One of the main cons of it is the price. Such systems are on the higher end of the budget. Additionally, installing a split AC is a tough job and needs to be carried out by a professional. 

Hybrid Heat Pump System

A hybrid heat pump system (also called a dual fuel system) contains an air source with a furnace. These are one of the efficient two-in-one systems that can provide you with utmost comfort during winters and summers. 

A hybrid heat pump system works efficiently according to the gas or oil in the system. One of the main benefits of such an HVAC system is that they are cost-effective. Therefore, hybrid heat pumps are the best choice if you want comfort without spending a lot of money. 

These systems are also beneficial for the environment as it reduces carbon footprint. However, a hybrid heat pump system can be disadvantageous as it requires high maintenance. 

It is essential to get your AC serviced frequently. Additionally, they are not necessary for areas like tropical zones where the climate is not very cold.  

As with the split AC system, this model also requires professional installation.  

If you want to install your new AC at your home, call us for our air conditioning installation near me.

Ductless Mini-Split

A ductless mini-split AC is one of the most versatile air conditioners available. You can use them at your houses and workplaces with ease. However, the majority of their use is in small enclosed spaces. So if you need an air conditioner for a smaller room, go for ductless mini-split AC. 

Moreover, these HVAC systems are the best choice for cooling individual rooms. They are flexible and come within a wide range of capacity. Unlike other HVAC units, you can install a ductless mini-split AC easily. Since they have no ducts, it guarantees less wastage of energy. 

However, ductless mini-split AC can be on the higher end of the budget. Moreover, you must install it with precision to maintain the air cycle in the room. If your HVAC unit is facing issues, call us for our AC repair in Phoenix.

Packaged Heat and Air Conditioning System

A packaged heat and air conditioning system has a single unit used for the entire house. The AC unit is often installed outside the house or on the roof. Air conditioners, like all HVAC systems, require regular maintenance and service. 

Such HVAC units are beneficial as it saves space in the house. Moreover, they are energy and cost-efficient. However, the unit is susceptible to much damage due to its outdoor location but does not ensure efficient heat pumping. If you haven’t booked an appointment already, contact us for heating repair in Phoenix

The Top 10 Most Energy-efficient Home HVAC Systems for 2022

HVAC repair efficiency depends on several factors such as the size of the house, its capacity, SEER ratings, the type and the best fit for a house, etc. Today’s HVAC options give customers flexibility in choosing an appliance for their household with various specific requirements. To make your hunt for the best, most energy-efficient HVAC system in 2022 easier, we have put together a list of 10 HVAC systems worth your consideration. If you are looking AC replacement Phoenix then you can contact GE Home Services LLC. We offer our services with proper skills and experience.

  1. Lennox SL28XCV series 
  2. Fujitsu LZAH1 with FGL air@ App
  3. LG LAU/LAN series 
  4. Bryant 186 CNV Evolution Extreme Series 
  5. Quaternity 
  6. Carrier 24VNA6 Infinity Series with Green speed intelligence 
  7. Daikin DX20VC Series 
  8. LV series Wall Mount Systems 
  9. Amana AVXC20 with Comfort Net Control 

Factors that Determine a Household’s Energy Efficiency

Besides choosing the right HVAC system, many factors play an essential role in determining your household’s energy consumption and the overall performance of your HVAC. Buying the most expensive and technologically laced HVAC may not deliver on its promise and result in frequent air conditioning service Phoenix AZ, if these factors are not considered. 

  • The Kind of HVAC 

Today there are many kinds of HVAC to choose from. HVAC systems come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional furnaces to modern ductless or mini-splits. Each is designed and updated every passing year to be more efficient and versatile. Despite their versatility, there’s only a certain degree to which an HVAC will exhibit resourcefulness. If you plan to get a brand new HVAC system for your household, we strongly suggest you choose the kind of HVAC that offers features close to your requirements. 

For example, if you live in a temperate climate, where the temperature remains moderate throughout the year, a heat pump should be able to fulfill all your heating and cooling requirements. On the other hand, a furnace is perfect for residents of notably colder regions where temperatures are near the freezing point quickly. 

People who reside near any water body may also consider getting a geothermal furnace as it has numerous benefits over a regular furnace with a considerably reasonable upfront cost.

A mini-split or ductless AC is also an excellent choice for people residing in a place like Arizona. Unlike central air conditioners, these HVACs do not require an intricate system of ducts and operate through an indoor and an outdoor unit. It’s also essential that you hire a trusted contractor for AC repair Phoenix to keep your appliance’s operation efficient for a long time. 

  • SEER Rating 

SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio is a rating that determines the efficiency of an HVAC through its power consumption in each season. A higher Seer rating would equate to better energy efficiency throughout the year and vice versa. A SEER rating of about 20 is usually considered good, but sometimes they may be expensive or miss out on features highlighted in your requirements. Contact a trusted HVAC contractor for an effortless HVAC selection for your family. 

  • Installation and Ductwork 

A poor installation can also wreak havoc on your HVAC system’s energy efficiency and pave the way for frequent heating repair Phoenix. Avail of installation services only from trusted, licensed, and experienced contractors in your area. Have them evaluate your household and present a hard copy of estimates before availing of any service. 

It is also an essential determinant in your HVAC selection process. For example, ductwork, insulation, location, etc., can significantly influence your list of choices for HVAC.

GE Home Services LLC has been serving the Phoenix, Tempe, AZ, and surrounding areas with exceptional heating and cooling services since 2014. We prioritize customer satisfaction and consider the job done only when happy. Contact us at 480-376-0755 today to experience an unmatched standard of service.

What Is Trending In HVAC 2022?

Using programmable thermostats in different locations throughout your home or building is becoming more popular. It is a pattern expected to last until 2022. This adaptable method to your HVAC repair necessities helps you save money on electricity prices by adjusting the temperature in less-used areas a few degrees, depending on the period or the time of day. 

For instance, if you spend all of your time throughout the day in your home, office, and kitchen, you can set those zones to your preferred degree of comfort while the rest of the house remains set to a different temperature. However, this can only happen when you keep your device thoroughly maintained. So it is crucial to call experts regularly for your heating or air conditioning service Phoenix AZ

Top HVAC Trends you Must Know in 2022

Below are the top HVAC trends to follow in 2022. 

  • Remedies for Geothermal Energy

Over the last few years, geothermal systems have increased in popularity, and this trend will likely continue. Geothermal systems use the Earth’s heat energy to provide efficient and long-lasting HVAC solutions. In addition, these systems are 65 percent more energy-efficient than other HVAC systems.

Conventional heating and cooling systems are more expensive to run, quieter than most HVAC systems, and less environmentally friendly than geothermal heating repair Phoenix and cooling systems. 

  • 3D Published air Conditioning Units

3D printed air conditioning units will bring technology and HVAC together in an unconventional way. A 3D porous block that consumes humidity and cools the air through vaporization is the latest significant advancement in this field. 

Traditional materials are less sturdy and durable than 3D printed components, so these systems will require minimal maintenance and last longer. While this technology first got developed in 2015, it is still not widely available, but it is a developing trend to keep an eye on in 2022.

  • More User-Friendly HVAC Controls

While the idea of Wi-Fi-linked thermostats is enticing, many homeowners get put off by the intricate interface that these gadgets frequently employ. It is why intelligent thermostats are becoming a trend in 2022. These smart thermostats will save energy, and the devices that control them will make the user experience more convenient.

The highly advanced Nest thermostat, for example, learns your habits and adapts itself correspondingly. Once it realizes your habits, it can turn on the air conditioning service near me just before you arrive home or turn the furnace down a degree or two at sleep onset.

These devices can be obtained from anywhere at any point and will alert you to potential dangers such as CO leakages or furnace misfires. 

  • The Prominence of Mart thermostats will Continue to Increase.

Intelligent programmable thermostats have grown in popularity as homeowners recognize how much money they can save on their monthly energy bills. 

These devices can attach to Wi-Fi, so you can use your tablet, smartphone, or computer to connect to them. In addition, you can use intelligent thermostats in any home with a Wi-Fi connection. 

If you are looking for a professional HVAC contractor for your heating or air conditioning installation near me, GE Home Services LLC is there to help you. To know more, call us at 480-376-0755 or email us at

Furnace Troubleshooting | Common Problems & Their Easy Solutions

This article will teach you about four typical furnace issues and methods to rectify them. Are you looking forward to learning these? If that’s the case, let’s get right to work.

There is no ‘Heat’ Setting on the Thermostat.

We don’t need HVAC professionals from our furnace repair Phoenix to fix this problem; all we have to do is double-check: Are you sure your thermostat is switched on and set to the right temperature?


  • Even if you’re sure it’s true, Go ahead and double-check.
  • It’s conceivable that it was switched off by accident or that the temperature was set too high.
  • It’s also possible that your thermostat’s batteries have died.

Your System isn’t Getting any Power.

Check whether your furnace is switched on if this is the case. We realize that seems ridiculous, but it’s worth considering before moving on to other choices.


  • Check whether your furnace is connected to determine if the circuit breaker has tripped.
  • Replace the breaker that regulates the furnace if it has been turned off.
  • If the switch has an ON/OFF position, flick it to the OFF position first.

Dragging Noises From Your Furnace

If your blower makes a gritty or dragging noise, the ball bearings in your system are worn out, and you should turn it off right away. Our top-notch service of furnace repair in Tempe AZ will give you an incredible feeling of having the best comfort and HVAC quality.


  • So, to avoid any problems, you’ll need to hire a professional to perform it.

Your System is Making a Squealing Noise.

Squeaky furnaces indicate a sliding or worn blower belt. If you have tech-savvy, you should do this repair on your own.


  • Tighten the belt if there isn’t any evident damage.
  • If the belt is worn out, purchase a new one from your local home improvement shop and replace it according to your owner’s manual’s directions.

GE Home Services is one of the best heating services in Tempe, AZ, which assists you with any HVAC-related difficulties. Allow us to inspect your furnace thoroughly to guarantee that it will keep your home warm throughout the season. Call us right now at (480) 376-0755 to get in touch with us.

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13 Common Reason Why Furnace Blows Cold Air

In Phoenix, we can not imagine the Winters without a furnace. We all want an efficiently running heating unit to prepare a comfortable environment for our family. To maintain the furnace, you need to clean its parts and schedule regular tune-ups by calling your heating installation in Tempe, AZ

However, sometimes your furnace can face some issues that lead to its abnormal functioning. For example, your furnace starts showing you some abnormal signs in such a situation, like blowing cold air. This condition will interrupt your comfort and business. It can also cause frozen pipes and leakage in them. To get the best solution to this problem from your HVAC contractor, you must know the leading causes of blowing cold air. 

13 Common Causes Why The Furnace is Blowing Cold Air in Your Home

  1. Incorrect thermostat settings can lead your furnace to blow cold air. For example, if someone switches the thermostat from Auto to ON. This setting will let the fan run while producing heat. To correct this, you only need to change the setting of the thermostat, no need to plan any expensive furnace repair Phoenix
  2. If the thermostat is not compatible with your furnace, it will lead to blowing cold air from your furnace. 
  3. If you are using an oil furnace, it is mandatory to have a tank full of oil. Otherwise, the furnace will keep circulating cold air without fuel.
  4. If the furnace’s air filter is not clean, it can cause overheating. It will shut the blower off and end up blowing cold air. 
  5. our furnace can blow cold air if you have installed a new furnace with an electronic control panel and cannot reset the system. Call your HVAC repair Tempe AZ to solve this glitch. 
  6. An exhausted pilot light can also lead to the blowing of cold air from your furnace. You can correct it if you can relight it yourself or call your HVAC professionals. 
  7. If your furnace is blowing cold air, even after relighting the pilot light, then the reason behind this condition can be a faulty thermocouple. Contact for a furnace repair Phoenix and AC repair Phoenix to fix or replace it.
  8. You must check and clean the gas valves. Any damage to the gas valve can also lead to this condition. 
  9. The dirty gas burner can cause the cold temperature of your home. The dirt will impact the ignition and formation of heat.
  10. If a clog or dirt on your air filter, it will cause trouble igniting and heating. Consequently, your furnace will start blowing cold air.  
  11. A furnace with electronic ignition can also cause cold air circulation in your home. To resolve the issue, call your HVAC experts.
  12. When your furnace starts blowing cold air, check your flame sensor. A damaged one will cause an interruption in burning the fuel.
  13. The cold temperature of your home can be due to the escape of heat from the leaking ducts.

Dial the emergency number of GE Home Services, i.e. (480) 376-0755, Or drop an email at to approach us for any HVAC repair and maintenance. Our team stays ready 24/7 for any air conditioner or heating services in Tempe AZ.

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Considerations While Installing A Heat Pump in An Existing House

Heat Pump installation: People have been using heat pumps for years to warm their houses. A heat pump has a dual capacity as it can move the heat out of your home when you want it to cool the inside space. Also, it can circulate the heat inside your home to keep your home warm. Thus, heat pumps heat in your home in Winters as well as works as an air conditioner in summer.

It has been noticed that many people installed a heat pump in their existing homes. If you are also planning a heat pump installation Phoenix in your already built home, there is no point worrying about anything. Because heat pumps can be installed in any home, you need to focus on certain significant factors. It would be best to discuss all the queries with an engineer whenever you plan a heat pump installation in your existing home.

The Points to be Considered Before A Heat Pump Installation

  • Size of The Heat Pump:

Whenever you think about a heat pump installation Phoenix call the contractor at your place to see the size of your home, or you should tell them the exact measurement of it. It will guide your HVAC contractor to choose the perfect size of a heat pump for your home. A perfect-sized heat pump will work efficiently, whereas a wrong-sized heat pump will create issues. Such as, a smaller one will struggle to maintain the temperature of your home, while a too-large heat pump will consume excessive energy. 

  • The Efficiency of The Existing Source in Your Home:

It is crucial to consider whether your heat pump works with the heating source already installed. To avoid this situation, you should call heating services Tempe AZ, to schedule a tune-up. By this, your HVAC experts will upgrade the insulation of your home and will fix your air leakage, if any present. 

  • Type of The Heat Pump:

There are two basic types of heat pumps. One is the ground source, and another is the air source. The ground source heat pumps are also known as geothermal heat pumps. These heat pumps need piping placed into the ground, and there can be varieties of piping loops, depending upon the available land. The types of loops are vertical loop or horizontal loop. 

The benefit of having a ground source heat pump is that the ground is constant, which helps maintain your home’s temperature efficiently throughout the year. On the other hand, the air source heat pumps use the air outside your home to heat. Therefore, it is very convenient for an HVAC contractor to plan for an air source furnace repair in Tempe AZ. If you want an efficient heating source, select geothermal heat pumps. 

The GE Home Services LLC Air Conditioning & Heating team is always available to repair your heat pump, furnace, and air conditioner. All you require to do is call us on our emergency number, i.e. (480) 376-0755. You can also send your HVAC problems to our email address,

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How long do HVAC units last in Tempe/Phoenix Arizona?

In regions like Arizona, extreme weather requires you to rely heavily on heating and cooling systems. An HVAC unit’s lifespan can vary depending on its location, model, and how well you maintain it. 

Although an air conditioner typically lasts 15 to 20 years in most parts of the country, an AC unit’s lifespan can often be closer to 12 – 15 years in Arizona because of higher temperatures and constant use even after regular maintenance and HVAC repair Tempe AZ.

Significant Factors That Affect HVAC Unit Lifespans

The lifespan of your HVAC unit depends on various factors. Therefore you can consider these points to estimate how long your unit would last. 

  • Size of the HVAC Unit

Do you know that most homeowners in Arizona end up purchasing and installing air conditioners that are too large for their homes? Also known as “overturning,” more frequent a decade ago when people didn’t have enough knowledge. 

An oversized air conditioner or an undersized one puts extra strain on the house’s electrical circuit compared to a correctly sized one. Furthermore, oversized units often face short cycling, leading to frequent maintenance and repairs. Thus, get your unit’s size estimated by an HVAC repair Tempe AZ and heating repair Phoenix, to enjoy your HVAC’s longer lifespan.

  • Routine Maintenance And Timely Repairs

Like cars and machines, HVAC units also need routine servicing to stay in their best condition. For example, if you get your air conditioner serviced before using it in full swing, you’ll ensure it works properly throughout the season. In addition, routine maintenance and cleaning can add years to your HVAC unit’s lifespan and help address underlying issues on time. 

For example, spring is the best time to get your AC serviced and ready for summer so that you don’t face sudden breakdowns in the middle of the night. So, are you getting your HVAC ready for the next season? Get it serviced by a professional AC installation Phoenix AZ, right away. 

  • Well-maintained Ducts

Ductwork is an essential part of your air conditioner or furnace. Thus, they need to be well-maintained as well for the whole system to function smoothly. Dirty or leaking ducts can strain your system, leading to early wearing out and a shorter lifespan. Having your ducts cleaned and serviced regularly can extend the life of your HVAC while saving a lot on energy bills.

  • Temperature Settings

An air conditioner in Arizona is working optimally if the house’s indoor temperature is around 30 to 40 degrees below the outside temperature. For example, if the outdoor temperature is 115 degrees, the optimum temperature inside should be around 75 and 85 degrees. Lowering more than that can result in overstressing the unit that can cause it to wear out faster. 

There’s no denying the fact that routine maintenance is the key to a long-lasting HVAC system. So, are you planning your next HVAC maintenance? You can trust us. We provide the best-quality heat pump installation Phoenix, and surrounding areas. Contact us today at (480) 376-0755 or drop us a mail at

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5 Benefits of Heating Services That You’re Missing Out On

Benefits of Heating Services: Installing a heating system or repairing it is not as simple as you might imagine. It needs talents that only experts possess. This is why doing it yourself is not a sound approach, as you wouldn’t aspire to take that risk on a chilly winter day when you require your furnace the most. Hiring a professional for heating services Tempe AZ, will get you the most high-grade services, and you won’t have to bother about maintenance or emergency servicing hassles.

Top Advantages of Professional Heating Services

Mentioned hereunder are the top benefits of scheduling regular heating services:

  • More Efficient Home Heating

 The home heating system requires to be more than just robust. It further ought to be even. As cold spots can be pretty frustrating, and an accurately controlled heating unit should never produce any. This is because the cleaning and service specialist will help enhance airflow and heat detection. Pointing to even heating throughout your place.

  • Reduced Power and Fuel Costs

Heating units in peak performance order have to run less challenging and for less time to get the work done. Good news for your heating system and AC installation Phoenix AZ, but even more beneficial for you, because when it ought to run less, it additionally requires to utilize less fuel or power, implying direct savings in your utility bills.

  • Long-lasting Heating Systems 

Heat pumps and furnaces are both an indispensable part of your place that keeps you warm throughout the winters. However, these heating systems are pretty costly. Hence to reduce the odds of installing a new heating unit now and then, it is better that you schedule heating services regularly to make your furnace last for an extended time. 

  • Enhanced Indoor Air Quality 

A regular tune-up of your heating system even gives your indoor air quality a boost! This is because a substantial part of the dirt, debris, mold, and dust that turns up in your home will end up getting cycled into the heating system. So it rests, blowing blocks of dirty air into the house until it gets cleaned out, which is a component of a regular tune-up. Our top-notch service of AC tune-up Phoenix will give you an incredible feeling of having the best comfort and HVAC quality.

  • Risk Prevention 

Many heating system problems are annoying but relatively harmless overall. However, electrical problems are another story and can be a significant risk to your place and your health. This is why it becomes a must to call for heating service professionals to gauge. Prevent risks associated with your furnace. Also, electric connection inspections are a crucial part of a professional heating service that helps prevent the most dangerous from occurring in your place.

Apart from the advantages above, you can leverage numerous other benefits by calling experts for routine heating installation Tempe AZ. If you are looking for a reliable professional for furnace repair, maintenance, or installation, look no further than GE Home Services. 

GE Home Services is a leading HVAC service provider in Arizona and nearby areas that help you save money on your HVAC-related services. To book our expert assistance, call us at (480) 376-0755 or email us at

Tips For A Successful Heating Installation

You don’t have to cope with the freezing weather, ice, and snow that affect more northern places during the winter if you live in Tempe, Arizona. However, this does not eliminate the importance of efforts to prepare for the coming months. You can make the transition to winter as smooth and comfortable with the help of a heating installation Tempe AZ. Continue reading to learn how to prepare your Tempe, AZ house for the winter.

You might spend a lot of money on the best heating system on the market and do not get the best results. Choosing a proper heater selection and installation will help a mold operation save money, less downtime, and produce consistent products.

Our top-notch service of heating repair Phoenix will give you an incredible feeling of having the best comfort and HVAC quality.

Six Tips for a Successful Heating Installation

Use the following tips to ensure that your heating installation works properly on chilly winter mornings in Tempe, AZ –

Select the Correct Heating Application

The selection of the proper heating application for a molding application is crucial to the operation’s performance. Cartridge, tube, and strip heaters are the most popular heating elements used in molds. Therefore, heat requirements and physical requirements must be proper when choosing a suitable heater for an application.

Proper Temperature Control

Temperature control is essential for consistent part manufacture. Therefore, a temperature controller is selected only based on vital features and attributes. The bulk of today’s controllers have a comprehensive set of diagnostic functions for determining processing conditions. The most significant are thermocouple placement, control zone evaluation, and amperage optimization.

Lead Wire Channels

When a current passes through the lead wires, heat and magnetic fields are produced. It’s not a good idea to compress these wires together. Thus one must enlarge wire channels by 50% if at all possible. To avoid damage, it’s also a good idea to separate wires into different channels and cover the external wire channels.


A mold’s design should ideally comprise a heater to be directed where it is most needed. Insulating supports and blocks can be engineered to concentrate heat in certain mold areas, minimizing heat loss. Ceramics, titanium, and other specific materials like polyamides can all be employed, and they all provide good performance at a reasonable price.


A proper mold design requires access to heaters, thermocouples, and connectors. Easy access for maintenance is essential for minimizing downtime.

Ground Connections

The shortest path to earth is always taken by electricity. If there is no alternate grounding, the T/C will always be used, which might cause failure and eventually burn out the thermocouple. Because improper ground connections are a leading source of mold downtime, it’s critical to ensure the termination box is “grounded” to the mold.

Contact Us Today

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We offer comprehensive and reliable services of air conditioning installation near me You can contact us at: 480-376-0755.

Some Common Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairing

The summer season has officially kicked off and the temperature has started rising in the city of Tempe and other parts in Arizona. With hot temperatures outside, you need your house to be cool and comfortable. For this, you need your air conditioner to work most efficiently.

If there is an issue with your AC replacement Phoenix and air conditioner or its components, unwanted problems may arise, which can affect your pockets. To avoid such problems, you must ensure that your air conditioner is in its best condition possible.

It may be possible that even though your air conditioner looks from the outside, it may need some internal repairs. There are certain signs which indicate the need for repairing the unit. Here are some signs that show that your air conditioner needs quick repairing or else it may break down:

Unwanted Noises

Sounds like clicking, hissing, wheezing, hitting, humming, clanging indicate that there is some unwanted obstruction in the working of any component of the air conditioner. The source of the noise can give the technician the location where the repair is needed. If there is noise in the ductwork, it means there is any foreign object like leaves or branches which somehow made their way inside the ductwork.

Inefficient Cooling

When there is an issue in the unit, the cooling efficiency of the system is affected directly. Even though you have set a low temperature, the house and rooms are not as cool as they should be. Or maybe the unit is giving out warm air instead of cool air and AC installation Tempe AZ. It could indicate low refrigerant levels, leakage in the ducts, or overheating of any component of the system.

Low Fan Speed

This problem is similar to the above one. If the speed with which the condensed air is leaving the unit is lesser than usual, there may be some major issue with your unit. If this problem is not solved quickly, your air conditioner will have to work harder to maintain the speed of the condensed air. It can further lead to quick wear and tear of the unit, increased electricity bill, and possible breakdown. Contact AC repair Tempe AZ if you feel your unit is facing such problems. There may be a problem with the duct network, or the fan motor has broken.

Unexpectedly Higher Electricity Bill

This sign is a little difficult to pick out. If you have not used your air conditioner much, yet your electricity bill is higher than expected, it may mean that your unit is consuming more electricity than it should. It may lead to the melting of the sensitive parts of the air conditioner.

We provide the best heating repair Phoenix services and will clear out all the issues with your unit. Contact (480) 376-0755 or drop an email at to get in touch with us and book your appointment today!

If you think that your AC service Tempe AZ is showing any of these signs, you must call in for an experienced technician to solve them. Contact GE Home Services