How Do You Diagnose Air Conditioner Problems?

With the hotter weather comes the cranking up of the air conditioners. Preventive air conditioning maintenance and proper residential air conditioning upkeep by a professional AC repair Phoenix expert can help you achieve your objective of smoothly functioning air conditioning systems.

How To Diagnose Air Conditioner Problems?

Below are some ways to diagnose air conditioning issues:

  • The Air Conditioning Is Not Working

When you begin your air conditioning debugging review, one of your primary concerns may be that you will turn on the device and hear and feel nothing.

A swept fuse or a faulty circuit breaker could cause a power outage, which means you’ll need to reboot the circuit breaker or substitute a defective fuse. It could also be the result of faulty wiring or a faulty thermostat.

  • Inaccurately Working Thermostat

If your thermostat is broken or inaccurately calibrated, it may fail to turn on the air conditioning unit. If you’ve set your thermostat to the critical temperature and the system still won’t start, it’s time to contact your HVAC repair Tempe AZ, who will most likely need to recalculate or replace the thermostat.

Calibration issues are more familiar with older dial-type temperature sensors, but newer intelligent thermostats can be difficult to program. When troubleshooting your AC service near me, consult your thermostat handbook to ensure that you have correctly coded your thermostat.

  • Lower Coolant Volume Means Low Efficiency

When air conditioning corrective maintenance reveals a poorly performing unit, it could be due to a lack of coolant. If the coolant level is low, it usually means that it got short-changed during installation or that there is a leak.

If your home isn’t cooling properly or the air is slippery, a low coolant level could cause it. Heat and humidity can only get effectively removed from the air with the proper coolant level. As the motor oil in your car, the refrigerant is the lifeline of your AC unit.

  • Anomalies With The Condenser

When developing an air conditioning debugging strategy, please don’t overlook the evaporator coil, as it performs a vital function. It is responsible for discharging the heat extracted from the air by distributing it outside the building.

Unfortunately, because the condenser coil is part of your exhaust system, it is subjected to dirt, soot, and other pollutants that make it dirty.

  • The Temperature Is Getting Warmer

While planning air conditioning system upkeep, remember that your heat exchanger may be the source of higher-than-desired temperatures. It is because this coil contains heat-absorbing refrigerant. As a result, an ice layer can form on the evaporator section when airflow gets reduced. You might get warm or no air from your air conditioner’s stockpile registers if this happens.

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What To Look For When Evaluating An HVAC Repair Company?

Air Conditioning Repair near meBest HVAC Repair Company


The heating and cooling systems account for most of your energy bills. So, you must call the best HVAC repair company in Tempe, AZ, for installation, service and repairs. A non-experienced person/ company may not appropriately size the heating/cooling unit, which will result in underperforming and overcharging units. So, how do you find the best HVAC repair Tempe AZ?

Here we have listed a few things you can keep in mind when looking for an HVAC repair company in Tempe, AZ:

  • HVAC Professional

Complicated HVAC systems require advanced training and expertise, as it deals with carbon monoxide, toxic refrigerants, electricity, and natural gas, so not just the comfort and efficiency are important, but safety is a serious concern. You want to make sure that you hire the right HVAC repair company Tempe/Phoenix, AZ, with a licensed, certified professional to conduct the work and If you are looking heating repair Phoenix then you can contact GE Home Services LLC. We offer our services with proper skills and experience.

  • Referrals

Ask family and friends to suggest contractors to you, as they would not recommend someone unreliable. You can also look for reviews online and see what people think about the company and its services. 

  • Transparency and Detail Orientation

The company must provide details on how they are going to measure the home. Will they follow Manual J guidelines for sizing new HVAC equipment? Do they have proof of licensing and insurance to repair and replace heating and cooling equipment? HVAC certification? Warranty information, local rebates, upfront pricing, bids, documentation, sizing calculations, certifications, and necessary records in writing? They must provide you with clear instructions about your HVAC system, how to operate it properly, and tips for making sure the system is operating at its best for years. 

  • Professional and Organized

Customer service is the backbone of any organization. There must be no hassle and confusion in the whole process of installation, service or furnace repair Phoenix, you want the HVAC repair company to keep your scheduled dates in check, be on time, have accurate information to share with you, be on time and have a professional attitude. 

  • Strong Industry Knowledge 

The industry knowledge comes with experience and working in the field for years. Make sure the HVAC repair and air conditioning repair Tempe AZ company is trusted, reliable and experienced. They must be aware of their products, techniques and can demonstrate their knowledge and clear any doubts in your mind. Any good HVAC repair company in Tempe, AZ, should provide customized service for every customer. They must also keep up-to-date on all the latest industry trends, products and repair techniques.

  • Onsite Estimates

To get the right idea of how much the HVAC service will cost, your HVAC contractor must do an onsite inspection instead of a cost estimate on call. 

  • Memberships

Memberships are a good sign of a contractor’s dedication to industry standards and practices as they need to clear rigorous tests to get the membership.

When working with the right company, it reflects in the quality of their work and attitude towards their old and new customers.

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Do You Need AC Repair This Week?

It’s no secret that Arizona has scorching hot summers with temperatures soaring up to 115°F. Now, as the season arrives, there are already long queues for AC servicing and repairs. As your air conditioning unit took off its duty for long winters, the sudden extensive use can result in stress. In some cases, there is an urgent need for a repair to avoid it from getting worse. Nobody wants to spend all their summers drenched in sweat and gasping for a cool breeze. That’s why you should not wait for the next cooling season and contact an air conditioning repair Tempe AZ, right away!

Signs You Need an Urgent Repair


Delaying a repair is never a good decision as some problems might seem minor at first, but with time, they may worsen and cost you a fortune. Check out these obvious signs when your AC needs a repair within a week!

  • Weird Noises

Unexpected and strange noises are always a sign to worry. In addition, the louder the noise, the more serious the problem is. Thus, never ignore such noises and call for a repair urgently!

  • Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant to the AC is like blood to our body. Therefore, a leaking refrigerant is a pretty clear sign that your AC needs repair as soon as possible. Any negligence with this issue can affect the efficiency of your system and even spike your energy bills. Also, matters get worse with time as your AC can totally lose its cooling power and eventually lead to a complete breakdown.

  • Unpleasant Odors

Many people complain of foul smells similar to damp and dirty socks. Usually, this is a sign of a clogged drain and mold/algae growth inside the unit. These can result in serious health issues if you continue inhaling the moldy air; therefore, an urgent repair is necessary!

  • Frequent Breakdowns

If you face minor breakdowns now and then, this isn’t a sign you should ignore. Constant breakdowns is a sign of system malfunction which needs to be addressed without waiting for the next one. Especially if there have been several breakdowns in a few months and your unit isn’t even old enough to replace. In such cases, you need to call a professional AC service Tempe AZ, as soon as possible.

  • When Should You Wait for Repairs?

Unless you can’t afford a repair right now or are sure that it can survive until the next cooling season, we don’t recommend delaying it. As soon as you get the time and your problems fixed, contacting an AC installation Tempe AZ agency and getting it done in time is the best choice.

  • Why are we the Best?

Comfort and customer satisfaction are our priorities. At GE Home Services LLC, we promise to repair all the possible issues with your AC at reasonable prices. With over 35 years of experience, our team of professionals can solve all your problems of air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality, and ductless.

We serve residential, commercial, and newly constructed sites all over the Arizona Valley. Schedule a service today!

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Tips To Help Your Air Conditioner Work Longer

All air conditioner owners want their systems to work efficiently throughout this season and for many years. For this to happen, owners need to carry out some steps and plans to help their air conditioners work efficiently for their lifespan.

Tips You Can Use To Avoid Issues In Your Air Conditioner

The first and most important way to take care of your air conditioner is to contact a technician for AC repair Phoenix, as soon as you notice the following issues:

  • Proper Care For Air Filters

The air filters of an air conditioner filter out bacteria and allergens in the indoor air and ensure a smooth airflow within the system. However, the air filters face clogging and blockages due to too much work.

These blockages can cause problems like ice formation on the evaporator coils, poor indoor air quality, and increased breathing. However, you can easily avoid these issues by timely replacing your air filters.

  • Cleaning And Inspection Of Ducts

Your home’s ducts circulate cool air evenly in all rooms for proper and constant cooling. However, these ducts get old with time and lose their working capacity. As a result, chimneys face significant problems are clogging’s, blockages, leakages, bacterial growth, and condensation.

Most of these problems require professional care. You can try to remove foreign objects from the ducts if any, but for an extensive cleaning, you need to contact a professional. Professionals have the right equipment to thoroughly clean the ducts and remove any growth in them.

  • Annual Maintenance And Tune-Ups

Ensure you contact your technician for an AC tune up Phoenix. During the maintenance schedule, the technician will inspect all the air conditioner parts and ensure no issues.

If there is any problem with a part, the technician will repair it at that time so that it does not trouble you in the future. This way, you do not need repair jobs for your air conditioner later, and your energy bills stay under control.

  • Wrong Temperature Settings

The thermostat of your air conditioner determines the temperature required for your home. We offer air conditioning service Phoenix at an unbeatable cost. Our main motive only is customer satisfaction.

If you have a manual thermostat connected to your air conditioner, you should ensure that you do not set a temperature too high or too low for your home. The temperature you set should be within the appropriate temperature range.

In such cases, it is better to have a smart thermostat with your air conditioner. An intelligent thermostat understands your temperature preference after a few days or weeks. It works accordingly, so you do not have to set the temperature each time you operate your air conditioner.


Several other tips can help you maintain your air conditioner, but even after following them, your air conditioner may trouble you. In such a case, you need a trustworthy HVAC company to help you with those issues.

GE Home Services LLC ensures to fix your HVAC problems with the latest gadgets and equipment for the best results. Contact us at (480)-376-0755 or email us for services like heating and AC installation Phoenix AZ.

Benefits Of Timely Heating Maintenance Schedules

All heating appliances require professional attention when they operate during the winter season. Some owners contact their technicians for maintenance schedules, while some try to avoid them to save money.

Ensure regular maintenance schedules if you do not want to contact your technician for emergency repair or heat pump installation Phoenix.

Benefits That Owners Are Not Aware Of

Maintenance schedules have several benefits that owners are not aware of. After knowing those benefits, you may change your thinking and invest your money in those schedules. You should ensure that you contact only the best professionals and skilled technicians to handle your important heating appliances:

  • Better Efficiency

When your technician inspects your heating appliance during the annual maintenance, they ensure that all the parts in the appliance are working in their best condition possible. In addition, they may repair or replace a few parts during the schedule.

These minor repairs or replacement jobs will ensure that your heating appliance will work with its highest efficiency levels so that your home stays comfortable throughout the winter. It also ensures that you do not have minor problems like hot and cold pockets in your home.

  • Long lifespan

It is obvious that an HVAC appliance, whether heating or cooling, cannot work for a hundred years. Therefore, all HVAC appliances have a fixed lifespan and a fixed number of years for which they can work efficiently. For example, the average lifespan of a heating appliance is ten to fifteen years.

You should contact a technician for heating repair Phoenix after the appliance crosses fifteen years. However, your heating appliance may stop working without maintenance schedules before it crosses ten years. If you desire to get the best out of your heating appliance, ensure you schedule regular maintenance jobs for its extended lifespan.

  • Controlled Energy Bills

An HVAC appliance consumes electricity to work. The more it works, the more energy it consumes, and the higher your energy bills. You cannot lower your energy bills when you use heating appliances, but you can keep them in control through regular maintenance schedules.

Parts in your heating appliance work with their highest efficiency levels through a maintenance schedule. So, you can use your heating appliance as much as you want without worrying about your energy bills with the help of regular maintenance schedules.

  • Fewer Repair Jobs

HVAC owners often face two conditions. First, they schedule regular maintenance and enjoy a comfortable season with their appliances. Second, they avoid those maintenance schedules and remain busy contacting their technicians for minor repair jobs.

A technician inspects all the working parts of your heating appliance during maintenance and repairs any minor issues that may grow later on. This way, you can ensure that your heating appliance will not need repair jobs this season.


Irrespective of the size and complexity of the HVAC job, you need a skilled team of technicians to handle them. GE Home Services LLC possesses all the necessary experience, skills, and knowledge to help fix your HVAC issues immediately. Contact us at 480-376-0755 or email us for services like furnace repair Phoenix.

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What to do to Keep Cool in Phoenix This Summer

The rising temperatures during summertime in Phoenix cause most homeowners to rely on their air conditioning systems because they provide comfort, which is essential during extreme summer days.

Tips Homeowners Must Ponder To Keep Cool During Extreme Summers In Phoenix

Homeowners must ensure that their air conditioners are capable enough to handle elevated temperatures.

  • A Proper Tune-Up Of Air Conditioners

No homeowner wants their air conditioner to stop working or give undesirable results during the mid of summer. Therefore homeowners must schedule a proper tune-up of their air conditioner in advance to prevent discomfort.

The AC tune up Phoenixcan help the owners to rejuvenate the unit. Moreover, a well-maintained air conditioner will work more efficiently.

  • Prevent Air Leak

Homeowners should ensure that the conditioned air does not escape through any window or other opening. Leaving any window open can be a sneaking cause of increased indoor temperatures.

It can make the air conditioner unit work harder to keep the temperature low and induce workload on the system. To combat this issue, homeowners should close the windows during the daytime to keep out the heat.

  • Install A Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are special devices designed to learn your daily habits and adjust the temperature accordingly. These are very useful when it comes to saving money and energy bills.

Wireless remote controllability is another feature of a thermostat that enables the homeowner to turn on the air conditioner without stepping into the home. A technician who provides AC installation Tempe AZ can help the owners to upgrade to a smart thermostat.

  • Replace The Dirty Air Filters

Dirty air filters are likely to hinder the heating efficiency of your air conditioners. The dirt and debris block the air filters and reduce the efficiency of an air conditioner to circulate cool air. In addition, it can induce an unnecessary workload on the unit and increase the chances of system failure.

Swapping dirty air filters with fresh ones will help to improve indoor air quality. Moreover, it will help to maintain the efficiency of the system. Therefore, you should contact expert technicians who provide AC installation Phoenix AZ to clean your air filters professionally.

  • Check The Condensate Line

The condensate drain is responsible for carrying the moisture away from the unit. Unfortunately, these condensate drains can become clogged over time. It can cause the water to flow back into the drain pan and eventually overflow.

It can cause water damage that can affect other essential parts of the air conditioning system. Therefore, checking for any clogs in the condensate line is necessary to prevent costly damage.

  • Enjoy Some Timeout

Staying at home during the scorching sun is favored by most homeowners. However, enjoying some timeout with family at places like swimming pools, resorts, waterparks, and museums can be exciting as it will allow homeowners to rejuvenate themselves and enjoy nature.


Dealing with summer in Phoenix is never easy. The air conditioner is a thing most homeowners look for to help them during extreme temperatures.

Any fault in the air conditioner can increase discomfort and frustration for the owners. However, with GE Home Services LLC, homeowners can make their summers worth enjoying. Contact us today!

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House Maintenance And Repair: What Every Homeowner Must Know

Maintaining a clean environment in the home is essential for living a harmonious and safe life. Therefore, house maintenance and repair are of foremost importance.

Moreover, it will lessen the chances of misfortunes that might have occurred because of poor maintenance. These repairs and maintenance will give a new look to your home and ensure high levels of safety.

Essential Maintenance And Repair Tips That All Homeowners Should Ponder Before Going For Maintenance:

  • Mold And Pests

Molds and pets are the most common reasons why homeowners go for repairs. Unfortunately, they usually cause enormous damage to furniture and other valuable properties of the home. Apart from damaging the home exteriors, bulging walls, and sagging floors, these pests can damage metallic and electronic goods.

At times, due to poor maintenance of HVAC, these pests and molds get into the air conditioner and can cause severe damage to the system. Their effects include foul smell and problems in operating the air conditioner. An AC Tune-up Phoenix, can help the owners to fix this problem.

  • Heating and HVAC

Maintaining the HVAC is essential for its efficiency. Therefore, homeowners need to follow a routine tune-up schedule. It will help to increase the longevity of the HVAC.

The consequences of poor maintenance can add to severe damage and unwanted AC replacement Phoenix. It can also cause faulty air conditioner parts and damage indoor air quality. Poor air quality can cause exasperated respiratory problems.

  • Roof And Gutter

Ensuring the healthy state of the roof is the foremost requirement for maintaining a healthy home. It is required to check the ceilings from the inside to protect the house from water damage. Moreover, it is difficult to predict the roof’s condition just by seeing it. Therefore, it is essential to call an expert to look after it.

Sometimes the germinated seeds from the plants and other debris may accumulate in the gutters. It clogs them and causes the water to overflow. If left unnoticed, this can damage the landscape. Therefore, it is essential to have proper maintenance of roofs and gutters.

  • Doors And Windows

When choosing the best window design and configuration, there are several factors to consider. The type of material and its durability, energy-efficiency levels, and customization are just a few. Therefore, it is essential to look for the best material windows and doors as they will promise high efficiency and durability.

Moreover, the best quality windows and doors will also help to reduce cooling and heating costs, as they will be able to hold the conditioned air more significantly. Thus, they will help to reduce energy bills.


It is essential to schedule regular maintenance and repair routines to ensure happy living in the home. Improper maintenance can cause several damages, not only to its infrastructure and working but also to components like ACs.

GE Home Services LLC will help the owners to carry out several AC-related tasks like AC installation Phoenix AZ, and many more in the best possible ways.

Common Components of Indoor Air Quality Service

How good the quality of air is has a lot to do with our health. The quality of air within and around the place we live has a pivotal role to play as far as our health is concerned. This is why indoor air quality is given utmost importance. Poor indoor air quality opens the door to significant health issues in the long run. Thus, keeping a check on how good the quality of the air you breathe is critical.

HVAC systems have become very common these days. Many tend to ignore that these systems impact the quality of indoor air to a great extent. The most critical component for central air conditioners, heat pump installation Phoenix, and furnaces is the duct. It is impossible to imagine them without ducts. Also, it is by ducts alone that air reaches every room of your house.

All in all, how good the indoor air quality is depends a lot on your ducts. This is why ensuring good quality duct services for your HVAC system is the need of the hour. While availing the duct services, the following components are dealt with as far as improving the indoor air quality is concerned-

  • Duct Cleaning: This is probably the most critical of all the services you enroll your system for. The amount of dust that your duct collects will leave you stunned. These specks of dust get circulated along with the air. Now, imagine how much of this you are inhaling with every breath. Clearing this off is thus essential. Another point worth noting here is that it is not just the air quality that gets worsened. The amount of dust collected also impacts those sensitive components of your HVAC system. Parts that are too delicate are prone to get affected. All this impacts the overall efficiency of your HVAC system. Hence, timely duct cleaning can eliminate these problems, thereby serving two benefits, improved air quality and longer life of the HVAC repair Tempe AZ
  • Duct Testing and Sealing: Ducts can develop leaks with time isn’t surprising at all. However, if neglected, it has a drastic impact on the efficiency of the system. What needs to be done here is to get in an expert to test your ducts regularly and seal the leaks, if any.  
  • Duct Repair and Replacement: Ducts are subject to a lot of repairs. Proper maintenance can avoid them, but some are just not in our hands. If the issues aren’t fixed by getting the leaks sealed or the installation poses a problem, it is now time to get your system repaired. If matters turn worse, replacement is the solution to rely on. We offer comprehensive and reliable services of AC replacement Phoenix You can contact us at (480)-376-0755

Compromising indoor air quality and the system’s efficiency is not something anyone would suggest. If looking for the best AC service Tempe AZ, wait no more and contact the best in the industry – GE Home Services LLC, a company you can bank upon! We would be glad to help you with your HVAC issues! We also offer

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How Can I Choose The Best Cooling System For My Home?

Irrespective of the type of air conditioner, its primary purpose is to cool your home or place efficiently. However, that does not mean you can buy any air conditioner for all homes and places.

Before you purchase any air conditioner, you should contact a technician who provides AC replacement Phoenix to know about the details of all types of air conditioner models.

The Most Common Air Conditioner Types With Their Pros And Cons

Knowing the basic details can help you save time and money when purchasing a model.

  • A Central Air Conditioner

A central air conditioner can quickly cool all rooms in your home through connected ducts and balance humidity levels easily.

Still, it leads to high energy bills and may lose efficiency fast. Moreover, they are inclined to duct damage as ducts work excessively to cool your place.

  • A Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner

A ductless mini-split air conditioner does not have a complex installation process and can manage individual temperatures for all rooms, but they are inefficient for large homes.

  • A Window Air Conditioner

A window air conditioner is cheaper than other types and has a simple installation process with fewer calls to the technician for AC repair Phoenix. Still, they create audible noise while working and need a precise installation space.

  • A Portable Air Conditioner

As the name suggests, you can shift a portable air conditioner wherever and whenever you want, and they are easy to set up, but they create a lot of noise while working and are inefficient for large homes or rooms.

  • A Floor-Mounted Air Conditioner

A floor-mounted air conditioner is the best option for homes with older people as this model stays on the floor instead on the wall. Moreover, the installation process is simple, and they do not take up much space. However, furniture on the floor may restrict the airflow.

  • A Smart Air Conditioner

An intelligent air conditioner has numerous features and benefits that other models do not offer, and they help save lots of money on your energy bills. However, they are costlier, and you need a stable Wi-Fi connection to operate them.

  • A Geothermal Air Conditioner

A geothermal air conditioning service near me is one of the most energy-efficient options currently available in the market, and it has a longer lifespan than the other models. However, the installation process is complex as it needs underground installation and the setup cost is also high.

  • A Dual-Fuel Air Conditioner

A dual-fuel air conditioner is the best option to decrease your energy bills and increase your comfort, and it also helps reduce your carbon footprint. However, you should be prepared for the high initial setup cost and unexpected breakeven while it works.


If you are still unsure about which type of air conditioner you should buy and need professional guidance, allow GE Home Services LLC to help you with the selection process and installation steps.

Hire us if you’re searching for the best heating services Tempe AZ with years of experience and numerous successful jobs.

Tips On Choosing the Right Heating System

Heating Service In Tempe AZHeating Service Tempe: The brisk cold temperature in Tempe has made the presence of heaters indispensable in every household. No doubt it is pleasurable to roam around in the cold breeze. Yet, the warmth of home can never be substituted. The foremost step for enjoying the winters at home is choosing the best heating services Tempe AZ. Here, we tell you about all the important points about a heating system and help you arrive at a choice.

Types of Heaters

There are four main categories of heaters available in the market:

  • Convection heater: This type of heater uses a convection current that heats its heating element. The convection heater uses comparatively low energy and provides an even blanket of heat for the entire room.
  • Radiant heater: Radiant heater makes use of heat waves of Infrared Radiation (IR). It is known to provide quick heating in the area closer to the heater. However, they take a longer time to heat the entire room.
  • Fan-forced heater: As the name suggests, this type of heater uses a fan to pass air over the heating element. This heated air then warms up the entire room. On the downside, a fan-forced heater makes considerable noise.
  • Micathermic heater: This category of heaters employs both convection heat and radiant heat. Mica thermic heater occupies less space and gives fast heating for the room.

Almost all companies providing heating repair near me, have a catalog of heaters from the above categories.

Choosing the right heating system

It can be utterly confusing to choose amongst heating services in Tempe, AZ, suiting your need for a heater. Hence, here are some parameters to consider when you think of buying a space heater.

  • The capacity of the heater: The key parameter while buying a heater is to study its capacity. The salespeople of heating service Tempe  AZ, generally advise you about the space the heater can cover. On average, heaters use 10-watt power to heat one square foot of the area. Using a low-capacity heater for a big room is like inviting a power bill shock.
  • Heater safety: Since the heaters have a heating element, electrical faults can cause a fire hazard. To overcome this, many heaters have additional safety features. For instance, the heater switches off on its own upon detecting any electric issue. It is advisable to look for heating services Tempe AZ and heat pump installation Phoenix, that warrant overheats protection for their devices.
  • Energy efficiency: Using a heater carries with it the concern of power usage. Therefore, the energy efficiency of a heater plays an important role in keeping power consumption in check.

Choosing a service provider

When you select amongst heating services Tempe AZ, please look if they cover the services below.

  • Maintenance: Routine maintenance not only extends the life of the heater but also prevents major repairs.
  • Repairs: Heaters do require repairs over the long run. Hence, the selected heating installation Tempe AZ, should provide affordable repair solutions.
  • Excellent customer support: One must go through the customer support reviews of the heating service to be chosen. Customer support is your only point of communication with the company.

GE Home Services LLC is one such provider that caters to all heating requirements mentioned above. Packed with 27 years of experience, GE Home Services excels in making customers satisfied with their choice.