Signs Your Heating System is in Trouble

Signs Your Heating System is in Trouble

Signs Your Heating System is in TroubleThe winter season is about to arrive. The most essential thing in the winter season is to stay warm. A perfect system can deliver comfort to you and your family. However, it is also very important to stay safe. Your health depends on fresh indoor air through your heating system. But what if your heating system itself is in trouble?

If not properly taken care of, the heating system can create problems for you. GE Home Services provides heating installation and heating services in Tempe, AZ, taking care of your comfort and heating throughout the cold season. But for that, you need to be aware of the warning signs that your system gives out. These signs are crucial to breathe in healthy warm air.

Look out for the following warning signs.

Increasing Power Bills

With time the efficiency of your system decreases. Hence, it starts to withdraw more power but does not give out the desired output. Basically, the power consumption can be the same (or more due to faulty components) but with lower heating. If this problem persists you can see a gradual spike in your bills.

Irregular Compressor Behaviour

Most of the new systems cut off automatically once the set temperature is attained. This is how it should work but if you notice no cuts, there can be some major fault in your system. This kind of issue may be solved with cleaning and servicing for which you can contact GE Home Services in Tempe, AZ on (480) 376-0755. The blower should be off automatically, till there’s a change in room temperature. Such problems usually arise in old heating units or inefficient units which lack maintenance.

Not-So Soothing Sounds

Annoying sounds in your heating unit is proof of the bad health of the unit. Get it checked by the technicians to reach the source of such sounds. The source of the noise can be a problem in the fan, damaged electrical components, etc. which can lead to a unit breakdown if not taken care of.

Unhealthy Indoor Air Quality

Due to non-usage of the system for a long time, dust and debris usually accumulate inside the heating unit. You now know the reason for the composition of dust in your home accompanied by breathing issues. This problem can be sorted through regular vacuuming/cleaning. The debris can be harmful to the electrical components so professional help may be required.

Uneven Temperature in Different Parts of the House

Unless you have a multi-thermostat system in your house, the indoor temperature should ideally be uniform throughout the house. If you notice some serious change in temperature around the house, be informed that there is some trouble with your heating system. The capacity of the heating systems may vary but if there are vents and the efficiency has decreased, call GE Home Services heating installation and heating installation in Tempe, AZ on (480) 376-0755. We also offer heating repair in Phoenixheating services in Tempe AZ, furnace repair in Phoenix

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